cela me rassure d'avoir la confirmation qu'il est des choses qui demeurent intactes * philippe besson

one of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats * iris murdoch

it's a relief sometimes to be able to talk without having to explain oneself, isn't it? * isobel crawley * downtown abbey

carpe diem. seize the day, boys. make your lives extraordinary * dead poets society

a luz que toca lisboa é uma luz que faz acender qualquer coisa dentro de nos * mia couto


like a grain of sand...

that wants to be
a rolling stone
i want to be the man
i’m not,
and have the things
i really haven’t got
and that’s a lot

there’ll be joy
and there’ll be laughter.
something big is what I’m after now
yes, it’s what I’m after now
after taking, take up giving,
something big is what I’m living for
yes, it’s what I’m living for
living for

why must I go on
and fill my life with little things
when there are big things I must do
and lots of dreams
that really should come true
before I’m through

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