cela me rassure d'avoir la confirmation qu'il est des choses qui demeurent intactes * philippe besson

one of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats * iris murdoch

it's a relief sometimes to be able to talk without having to explain oneself, isn't it? * isobel crawley * downtown abbey

carpe diem. seize the day, boys. make your lives extraordinary * dead poets society

a luz que toca lisboa é uma luz que faz acender qualquer coisa dentro de nos * mia couto


and then it's spring

chegou ontem a minha "ultima" encomenda de livros de importação. as caixas traziam muitas coisas bonitas, entre eles a primavera que parece tardar em todos os paises. por aqui deixo esta sugestão de leitura. um dia o castanho torna-se verde. ha que ser paciente.

"first you have brown, all around you have brown
then there are seeds
and a wish for rain
and then it rains
and it is still brown, but a hopeful, very possible sort of brown
an is that a little green? no, it’s just brown sort of brown
then it is a week
and you worry about these little seeds
and if maybe it was the birds
or maybe it was the bears and all that stomping,
because bears can’t read signs that say things like
“please, do not stomp here- there are seeds and they are trying”
and then it is one more week
and the brown, still brown, has a greenish hum that you can only hear if you put your ear do the ground and close your eyes
and then it is one more week
and a sunny day, that sunny day happens right after that rainy day
and you walk outside to check all that brown,
but the brown isn’t around and now you have green, all around you have green"

and then it's spring * julie fogliano (wri) erin e. stead (ill) * roaring brook press

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