cela me rassure d'avoir la confirmation qu'il est des choses qui demeurent intactes * philippe besson

one of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats * iris murdoch

it's a relief sometimes to be able to talk without having to explain oneself, isn't it? * isobel crawley * downtown abbey

carpe diem. seize the day, boys. make your lives extraordinary * dead poets society

a luz que toca lisboa é uma luz que faz acender qualquer coisa dentro de nos * mia couto


the (beautiful) quiet book

there are many kinds of quiet...

first one awake quiet
others telling secrets quiet
coloring in the lines quiet
hide-and-seek quiet
last one to get picked up from school quiet
swimming underwater quiet
lollipop quiet
first look at your new hairstyle quiet
right before you yell “surprise” quiet
making a wish quiet
best friends don’t need to talk quiet
first snowfall quiet
car ride at night quiet
story time quiet
bedtime kiss quiet
sound asleep quiet

lindo e poético...

in the quiet book * deborah underwood * il renata liwska * houghton mifflin books

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